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1 :maji:2008/05/07(水) 20:04:30 ID:8ucR56W00 ?S★(579250)

2 :maji:2008/05/07(水) 20:04:48 ID:lSdN8aYX0
too bad...

3 :maji:2008/05/07(水) 20:05:50 ID:/2Z5xAoJ0

4 :maji:2008/05/07(水) 20:11:15 ID:LJOgQU1CP

5 :maji:2008/05/07(水) 20:35:26 ID:/2Z5xAoJ0

6 : 株主【dejima:0/15=0(%)】 :2008/05/11(Sun) 10:00:47 ID:GNcwmwRt0

7 : 株主【dejima:0/21=0(%)】 :2008/05/11(Sun) 11:18:53 ID:GNcwmwRt0

8 :maji:2008/05/19(Mon) 07:28:48 ID:cKJ5wuKA0

9 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 15:05:35 ID:azHBeWbYO

10 :maji:2008/05/30(Fri) 16:02:45 ID:jtPM4x2Y0

11 : 株主【dejima:2/375=0(%)】 :2008/06/01(Sun) 22:12:41 ID:/JylNSk+0 ?PLT(37444) 株主優待
kin tama ha?
BIG? small?

12 : 株主【dejima:2/375=0(%)】 :2008/06/01(Sun) 22:13:10 ID:/JylNSk+0 ?PLT(37444) 株主優待

13 :maji:2008/06/13(Fri) 12:55:44 ID:AxzAGF/r0
My fellow Americans:

As your future President I want to thank my supporters, for your mindless support of me, despite my complete lack of any legislative

my pastor's relations with Louis Farrakhan and Libyan dictator Moamar Quadafi, or my blatantly leftist voting record while I present myself as

some sort of bi-partisan agent of change.

I also like how my supporters claim my youthful drug use and criminal behavior somehow qualifies me for the Presidency after 8 years of

claiming Bush's youthful drinking disqualifies him.
Your hypocrisy is a beacon of hope shining over a sea of political posing.

I would also like to thank the Kennedy's for coming out in support of me.
There's a lot of glamour behind the Kennedy name, even though JFK started the Vietnam War,his brother Robert illegally wiretapped Martin

Luther King, Jr.
and Teddy killed a female employee with whom he was having an extra marital affair and who was pregnant with his child.
And I'm not going anywhere near the cousins, both literally and figuratively.
And I'd like to thank Oprah Winfrey for her support. Her love of meaningless empty platitudes will be the force that propels me to the White


Americans should vote for me, not because of my lack of experience or achievement, but because I make people feel good.
Voting for me causes some white folk to feel relieved of their imagined, racist guilt.
I say things that sound meaningful, but don't really mean anything because Americans are tired of things having meaning.
If things have meaning,then that means you have to think about them. Americans are tired of thinking.
It's time to shut down the brain, and open up the heart.
So when you go to vote in the fall election, remember don't think, just do. And do it for me.

Thank You.
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

14 :maji:2008/06/13(Fri) 21:20:40 ID:AxzAGF/r0
here are niggers and then there are blacks.
Thats how i see it.
But regardless, shit man... the slavery was the best thing that happened to them ! if it wasnt for us white folks, they'd all still be there all this time.
In grass huts, sucking cows assholes.
I mean look at Rome 3000 years ago. and Africa back then, fuck then... now its the same almost.
And the black women.... Well the only ones i find remotely attractive, and the only ones that are attractive period are the ones with european facial features.
So they should say thank you to all that white folk that have been ass,
VAGINA and mouth raping all the black slave wimminz all those years.

15 :maji:2008/06/13(Fri) 21:25:38 ID:eBX151pA0
tin pun kan pun

16 :maji:2008/06/19(Thu) 03:53:46 ID:6ybgChWf0
After the baby was born, the panicked Japanese father went to see the obstetrician.

"Doctor," he said, "I don't mind telling you, but I'm a little upset because my daughter has red hair. She can't possibly be mine."

"Nonsense," the doctor said.
"Even though you and your wife both have black hair, one of your ancestors may have contributed red hair to the gene pool."

"It isn't possible," the man insisted. "We're pure Asian."

"Well," said the doctor, "let me ask you this.
How often do you have sex?"

The man seemed ashamed. "I've been working very hard for the past year.
We only made love once or twice a month."

"There you have it!" the doctor said confidently. "It's just rust."

17 :maji:2008/06/19(Thu) 18:58:10 ID:6ybgChWf0
Our Raptor,
Who art in /h/eaven,
shopped be Thy face;
Thy donations come;
Thy posts be done
in /b/ as it is in /h/eaven.
Give us this day our daily Bridget;
and forgive us our trolling
as we forgive those who troll against us,
and lead us n-ot into faggotry,
but deliver us from /fur/ry.
In the name of the Moot,
the Raptor, and the Holy server.

18 :maji:2008/06/24(Tue) 17:12:13 ID:Caljno/p0

> 1. The aim of this report is not to question or to fight a belief ? the right to freedom of belief does not permit that. The aim is to warn against certain tendencies to pass off a belief as science.
It is necessary to separate belief from science. It is not a matter of antagonism. Science and belief must be able to coexist. It is not a matter of opposing belief and science, but it is necessary to prevent belief from opposing science.

Stopped reading there.

There is NO evidence of evolution. It is a belief. Objective science doesn't support evolution no matter how many frauds and hoaxes are fabricated to support evolution. The truth always trickles out.

Life doesn't just happen. That alone totally defies the Laws of Science.

The Judeo Christian G-D, made it happen. G-d is the Author of all science. It is no coincidence that leading evolutionists are atheists. THAT is by design. These atheistic evolutionists do not find G-d acceptable in their premises.
Their premise is that there is NO G-D.
Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

19 :maji:2008/06/24(Tue) 18:52:18 ID:Rz4Fkwvo0

2CH BBS Come under Attaked!! From Net Terolist "Soukagakkai Boh ♦xIbVusqPEM"

He is Japanese "Keijiban Arashi"

"Soukagakkai Boh ♦xIbVusqPEM" Thread

20 :maji:2008/06/25(Wed) 01:11:36 ID:WZsZb2oj0
Ohayow gozaimas

21 :maji:2008/06/27(Fri) 21:40:15 ID:ILr7j60c0


The launch of a new Government agency will see 11.3million people vetted for any criminal past before they are approved to have contact with children aged under 16.

But the increase in child protection measures is so great it is "poisoning" relationships between the generations, according to respected sociologist Professor Frank Furedi.

In a report for think tank Civitas, he said the use of criminal records bureau checks to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults has created an atmosphere of suspicion.

As a result ordinary parents - many of whom are volunteers at sports and social clubs - now find themselves regarded "potential child abusers".

22 :American Unko:2008/07/06(Sun) 00:34:05 ID:+wlL16F00
. . . ,,
. . . 'i ;;;;;,_
. . . . 'ii ;;;;;;;_;:..,,.,,,,,
. . . . . i; i; i; i;'',',;''_' :;,.
. . . . . .Xy__;:. . _ ) . . .)
. . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
. . . .,/;:;'':;.:;''; i;'',',;;;_'' ; ;':;,.
. . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
. . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
. . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
. . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
. . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
. /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
(y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V

23 :maji:2008/08/23(Sat) 17:51:37 ID:PHp5Jf9I0
oi sokono gaijinyarou
chinko demo shabutte ike

24 :maji:2008/08/28(Thu) 22:19:29 ID:VZzH5sTq0
orega kingu obu ero oboeteoke

25 :maji:2008/08/28(Thu) 22:31:00 ID:ZFUbMbcX0

26 :maji:2008/08/29(Fri) 02:32:25 ID:8/4n1u/NO
mamemame kitayo
sugu kaeru kedone
atai no koto mo
wasureruna YO!!

27 :maji:2008/08/29(Fri) 15:23:04 ID:Pa/QqxNv0
doitu mo koitu mo tottoto useyagare tenda.

A B A Y O .

28 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:28:11 ID:a7meeyBv0
orega kingu obu ero

29 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:29:17 ID:a7meeyBv0

30 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:30:49 ID:a7meeyBv0
daremo konai

31 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:31:34 ID:nw7MRu6s0

32 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:36:05 ID:a7meeyBv0

33 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:37:18 ID:a7meeyBv0
chinkosure banzai

34 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:38:19 ID:nw7MRu6s0
etti !

35 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:42:41 ID:a7meeyBv0
kitaano sakabadooriniha onnao yowaseru utagaaru?

36 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:45:59 ID:nw7MRu6s0

37 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:48:17 ID:a7meeyBv0

38 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:51:46 ID:MaAxIqKh0
watasi bakayone obakasan yone

39 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:53:05 ID:MaAxIqKh0
usiroyubi usiroyubi sasaretemo

40 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:53:30 ID:a7meeyBv0
etti !

41 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 21:58:56 ID:nw7MRu6s0
hagesiku doui

42 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 23:15:40 ID:a7meeyBv0

43 :maji:2008/08/30(Sat) 23:18:04 ID:a7meeyBv0
youyaku kakikometa

44 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 11:25:49 ID:ancTOt0L0
tinko binbin

45 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 16:16:58 ID:GL98Wi/B0

46 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:05:28 ID:CWNIsN+K0

47 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:12:12 ID:m+WNUoLW0
konbanwa and otukaretyan

48 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:32:05 ID:m+WNUoLW0
kotosimo nokosutokoro ato

49 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:36:20 ID:CWNIsN+K0
akemasite ome

50 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:39:07 ID:m+WNUoLW0

51 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:43:24 ID:CWNIsN+K0

52 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:53:26 ID:m+WNUoLW0
kokohailtutai nannomokuteki de tatuta sure nanoka kuesutyon

53 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 22:57:01 ID:CWNIsN+K0
demo kotaenasi www

54 :maji:2008/09/01(Mon) 23:15:15 ID:m+WNUoLW0
dejima chinko ni kotae nasi desuka www

55 :maji:2008/09/02(Tue) 01:05:49 ID:nzqhKPmx0
dejima bin bin desu ne !

56 : [―{}@{}@{}-] maji:2008/09/02(Tue) 23:55:30 ID:fviwiJZSP
hazimete dejima mituketa kandouha iiarawasenai

57 :maji:2008/09/03(Wed) 00:02:50 ID:lmiVW87m0
ko ko wa matomona eibun wo kakeru hito wa inaino desu ka?

58 :maji:2008/09/03(Wed) 22:55:50 ID:FPcVBvhg0
irutoomoimasu ga watakusi ha kakemasen sa-sen

59 :maji:2008/09/03(Wed) 23:28:50 ID:lmiVW87m0
Oh! my supagethi-.

60 :maji:2008/09/04(Thu) 06:15:00 ID:KosHjs3A0
You are shock!!!!!

61 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 00:17:43 ID:LiAqLLkcO
supagetti-nara peperonchinko-no

ga ichiban sukida YO!!

62 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 00:28:05 ID:GR8ynqUv0
fuirenntye fuirenntye desu ne

63 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 00:36:19 ID:LiAqLLkcO
ro-mago de ok

64 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 00:47:20 ID:LiAqLLkcO
a...itaria ka...

65 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 00:52:39 ID:GR8ynqUv0
koreha koreha sumimasen desita
watasi bakayone obakasanyone kuesutyon

66 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:17:25 ID:LiAqLLkcO
NO ED !!

67 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:23:48 ID:GR8ynqUv0
warota www

68 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:24:23 ID:LiAqLLkcO
ansa-...ataino houga OBAKAda YO!!

san + ni = yon

69 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:26:39 ID:GR8ynqUv0
fomatyan yonde resun surunodesu

70 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:28:20 ID:LiAqLLkcO
yoiko wa onemu no jikanda YO!!

moyasuminasai masemase

71 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:30:38 ID:GR8ynqUv0
>>70oreha waruiko
oyasuminasaimasemase goyururito iiyumeminaYO! watanabe minayo kuesutyon

72 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 01:33:16 ID:LiAqLLkcO

majide dejima oyasu-

73 :maji:2008/09/06(Sat) 15:13:58 ID:4Y4m3jg10

74 :maji:2008/09/07(Sun) 01:03:16 ID:tusctdnG0

75 :maji:2008/09/07(Sun) 21:01:09 ID:loD/gb4r0

76 :maji:2008/09/08(Mon) 00:58:04 ID:NuLmfsQe0
Let's go down by elebe-tar.

Good night.

77 :maji:2008/09/08(Mon) 03:02:33 ID:7oNsQ7Pr0

78 :maji:2008/09/10(Wed) 01:05:51 ID:d2bE9MWR0
kyoumoerodesuga nanika?

79 :maji:2008/09/10(Wed) 01:16:55 ID:+kUAr0l50
zinsei eroero nanimo eroero
OK desu YO

80 :maji:2008/09/10(Wed) 01:23:51 ID:d2bE9MWR0
soreha oreni no-pande neroto?

81 :maji:2008/09/10(Wed) 01:34:03 ID:d2bE9MWR0
NO ED !!w

82 :maji:2008/09/11(Thu) 04:59:02 ID:z8edwCJVO
otoko nante...

otoko nante minna ED ni natesimae YO!!


83 :maji:2008/09/12(Fri) 01:24:43 ID:L6VPUO7p0
nanikaaltutanodesuka kuesutyon
tinamini ED ikunai www

84 :maji:2008/09/12(Fri) 17:07:04 ID:n/LBlxGGO

yapa-ri NO ED!!

onnagokoro to akino sora da YO!!....sa-sen

85 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 01:38:32 ID:sXvjXnre0
naruhodo otokogokoroto fuyunoyoru ha nainokane kuesutyon

86 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 01:51:39 ID:8mwrwIWd0
huyunoyoru hieru tijimu nasakenai

87 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 01:58:49 ID:sXvjXnre0
darega tabako no ho-pu datute kuesutyon

88 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 02:10:16 ID:8mwrwIWd0
huyudemo hamakinami naritai

89 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 02:11:52 ID:sXvjXnre0
warota wwwwww

90 :maji:2008/09/14(Sun) 02:18:51 ID:sXvjXnre0
hamakinami no kaori ka
un!! yoikaori...

91 :maji:2008/09/15(Mon) 01:29:09 ID:auBxRpWx0

92 :maji:2008/09/15(Mon) 01:54:05 ID:L3JwIROw0

93 :maji:2008/09/15(Mon) 02:39:20 ID:9rg0Y+b20

94 :maji:2008/09/17(Wed) 01:02:48 ID:Jql+MyQ40

95 :maji:2008/09/18(Thu) 00:34:30 ID:xiS39tfoO
erosan mino-musi

96 :maji:2008/09/18(Thu) 00:44:29 ID:MD2dGtdC0
kirai desu....

demo nebukuro de minomusi man imifu

97 :maji:2008/09/18(Thu) 20:27:35 ID:e0yWcZwi0

98 :maji:2008/09/20(Sat) 13:18:23 ID:Y3Wr34nk0
muhfugga bix nood

99 :maji:2008/09/20(Sat) 16:28:05 ID:X4KabNFC0

100 :maji:2008/09/21(Sun) 07:21:14 ID:WWBUtzUM0
hyaku geltu!!

101 :maji:2008/09/23(Tue) 06:47:56 ID:8RLcYDzQ0

Mere coincidence?

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